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Breathe Like A Free Person!

Social media platforms have become an inseparable part of our life. Every day,  we check our social media accounts multiple times. In this digital era, we are shifting towards a virtual world. We forget the importance of the real world and the real connection in our life. Everyone is running behind likes and is trying to become so likeable online. This might be okay for others but you need to introspect and ask yourself is that really you? Are you having the real fun? Are you meeting the real people and making the real connection?
Yesterday, I was watching the “Nosedive” episode (Season 3, Episode 1) of Black Mirror. You should watch it too! The episode actually gave me a reality check! You don’t need to fake yourself, be shamelessly you! People who really need to be in your life will be there even after seeing the true you. Be bold and be yourself! For once, say goodbye to all the virtual fans and enjoy your life. Breathe like a free person! In this issue, we have covered few articles related to social media stuff, I hope that it will be helpful for you. It’s time for you to enjoy your “With The Coffee” magazine. Happy reading!

Nilakshi Pathak

With The Coffee – First Issue [Click Here To Download!]


Three years ago, someone showed a belief in me that if given a platform, I can shine. The domain name ‘’ was gifted to me even though I had no idea what will I be doing with it. That’s how the journey of “With The Coffee’ started, just like that. It was a blurred vision three years ago, but now everything is crystal clear. I can’t even express how happy I am right now to write this note.

Dear reader, ‘With The Coffee’ is your perfect blend of both light and intense topics. The aim is to provide you with a magazine that can be enjoyed with your coffee during your leisure hours. I would like to thank my family, my friends and my team for making this dream come true. Without you, ‘With The Coffee’ would not have been possible.

I am not in a position to give valuable words, but still, I would like to say, it’s vital to take the first step towards your dream. The fear of failure will always be there, and you need to overcome it to achieve the vision that you have created for yourself. I have taken my first steps, and now it’s your turn to do it. Now is the time to build the legacy!

Nilakshi Pathak

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