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How did ‘With The Coffee’ Start?


Three years ago, someone showed a belief in me that if given a platform, I can shine. The domain name ‘www.withthecoffee.com’ was gifted to me even though I had no idea what will I be doing with it. That’s how the journey of “With The Coffee’ started, just like that. It was a blurred vision three years ago, but now everything is crystal clear. I can’t even express how happy I am right now to write this note.

What Kind Of Content Will You Find Here?


‘With The Coffee’ is your perfect blend of both light and intense topics. The aim is to provide you with a website/magazine that can be enjoyed with your coffee during your leisure hours.


Know More About The Team


Nilakshi Pathak

Nilakshi Pathak

I hope that you are having a good time here.
About me? Well, I am just an ordinary girl with a dream to launch my own magazine house. Three facts about me:
1. I hate vegetables.
2. Black is my favourite colour.
3. I love stationery items!

I would like to say, it’s vital to take the first step towards your dream. The fear of failure will always be there, and you need to overcome it to achieve the vision that you have created for yourself. I have taken my first steps and ‘With The Coffee’ is the result of it, and now it’s your turn to do it. Now is the time to build the legacy!


Shushant Pal

I’m currently pursuing my Dual Degree revolving around an MBA in Marketing Analytics from Amrita University, Bangalore. And I am also pursuing my MS from Buffalo University, New York. I am a Superhero Buff and have spent an ample amount of my life reading comics, watching superhero movies and TV series, analyzing thick differences and thin plot lines each one of them contains. A regular nerd with love for coding, data, comics and coffee. So, a management student by day, saviour of Comic Fans with my theories by night. Mixing ingredients to cook food and mixing numbers to data is my passion.




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