Why Studying Abroad Is A Good Option?

The grass is always greener on the other side, and perhaps this is the reason why most of the Indian students are sceptical about pursuing their studies abroad. When the moment of pursuing higher education arrives, most of the students are confused whether going abroad is a good option or should they settle with the Indian education system.
If you are intelligent and lucky enough to get an admission in one of the prestigious IITs, you can somehow sigh a relief! But, what if you do not fall into that bracket of the so-called smart people in India?

The scenario of Indian Education

India is a young country, and this implies the number of youth in the country is tremendously high. Moreover, the best part of it is that our youth population consists of highly intelligent individuals and therefore, an enormously competitive environment is created. Though we have a smart community, we do not have seats for all the intelligent brains. Even when we talk about IITs, the seats are so limited that the students compromise with the branch of their interest just for the sake of the brand name of IIT. What is the point of studying a course where you have no interest? Moreover, what is the point of studying if you cannot create jobs or earn a job? Studying to learn something is fair but winning bread and butter is also essential!
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Moreover, we are now talking about only the engineering students, what about the students who opt for Humanities? No one bothers to ask them anything, and it is no secret that his or her degree is considered useless and most of the time, they are regarded as unemployable people. You must have heard about IITs, IIMs and IISc, Bangalore but have you heard of any popular Arts college? If we talk about Commerce, SRCC clicks on our mind, what is the second best college that you can think of? I guess, none.
India produces the largest engineering population but when it comes to the Indian education system, quantity triumps quality. Only 25% of IT engineering students are employable, and this shows the quality of Indian education system. Just having a degree is of no use, if you cannot create value for your education.
Indian education system is aggressive; it will give you a fierce competition. As a result, zombies are created. Children start preparing for the competitive exams from an early age. Gone are the days when the children could be seen in the playground! The coaching institutes are now providing coaching to even the sixth standard students. The number of applicants to a particular college is a hundred folds higher than the number of seats available.
Another major drawback of the Indian education system is that it is mostly theory based and even this theory based education is based on outdated curricula. Though the Indian colleges produce a large number of graduates and post-graduates, in reality, they just have a degree in their hands with no skills! Rote learning is nothing new in the Indian education system. How can one expect the Indian education system to be good when the basic infrastructure and the faculties are not up to the mark? With so many drawbacks, the wise decision here is to go abroad for pursuing your education.

Why should you consider studying abroad?

Studying abroad is considered glamorous. However, this shouldn’t be the sole criteria to go and study abroad. Studying abroad is much more than just studying! Here are a few reasons why you should consider studying abroad:
1. Practical Knowledge And Skill Building
Each and every course abroad, most of the time focus on the practical applications of the subject. And when you practically learn to apply your theoretical learnings, you become a skilled person.
2. Ample number of Research Opportunities
Adequate funding, facilities and opportunities are provided abroad for carrying out your research projects. Ben Sowter, QS Research Director, has said that Indian colleges are struggling to improve their research impact relative to global competitors. This won’t be the case if you go to study abroad.
3. Global Outlook
With other international students studying in the same university, you will have a global outlook. You will gain exposure to a new culture and lifestyle. And meeting a diverse range of people will also improve your connectivity, and you will develop a global mindset.
4. International Job Prospects
With an international degree, the prospects of international jobs will open up for you. The number of job choices will increase for you, and you can choose the job that you think is the best for you. You won’t have to settle for mediocrity!
5. Improvement in your Language Skills
When you go abroad for studying, you will interact with students from other countries. This, in turn, will improve your communication and language skills.
6. Taste of Independence
You will learn how to survive in a foreign land. You might have to do some kind of part-time job with your study. Also, this will give you a sense of independence. And earning while studying will also teach you how to value even the small things in your life.
7. Life Experience
You won’t only be studying when you go to study abroad. You will end up making new friends; you will connect with new people. You will share memories with them; you will go on adventurous rides with them. And as a result, you will gain valuable life experience.
8. Looks good in your CV
There are only 20-24 Indian colleges/universities in top 1000 universities and colleges of the world. According to QS World University Ranking 2019, there are only three Indian colleges in top 200 colleges/universities of the world. With stats like this, a mediocre Indian college might not look good in your CV, but an international college will shine in your CV. However, I would like to mention here if you are ambitious and hard-working enough, you can do well even with a degree from a mediocre college.
9. Education Scholarships
When one thinks about going abroad to study, they fear the huge tuition fee. However, there is nothing to worry about it! You can get an ample number of education loans and scholarships. If you have the talent, you don’t need to worry about the money.
10. You will get a real education
You don’t have to cram for getting good marks in your exams. You have to study and apply your brain to get good grades there. You have to develop problem-solving skills instead of memorizing tons of useless stuff.

Should you go and study abroad just like that?

The answer is NO. Even when we consider all the above ten factors, if you cannot get into a good college, you will be wasting your money there! You need to make a list of the top universities, do proper research about them. Have a look at their faculties, their alumni and then consider that particular college. Also, if you want to settle in the foreign land after getting the degree, check the immigration policies. Will the country allow you to stay there once you are done with your studies? For studying abroad, you need to make a proper plan and then proceed with it.
Having said that, no matter where you study from, you need to have the burning desire to learn and explore new things. You have to be hardworking that you become the best version of you. It is only then; you will create value for yourself!
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Gather More Information

There are numerous counselling companies in India whom you can approach for gaining a close insight for your opportunities to study abroad. Global Edge is one such counselling companies whom you can contact to know more about the foreign universities. If you decide to study overseas, Global Edge will help you right from the admission procedure to post-arrival arrangements. They will provide you with a complete package, and you can proceed ahead with your studies in abroad with a worry-free mind.

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