Scope of Digital Marketing

When put in simple terms, digital marketing is a marketing method by which products are promoted online. So, basically with digital marketing, you can promote your products to the customers who are using the internet. It is a new way of marketing and has become a profound marketing strategy in the digital world.

The best thing about marketing is that it is always evolving. The needs of the customers, the way you can attract the customers keeps on changing and with this change, it is important to change your marketing strategies. Marketing revolves around the customers. When radio was popular, radio marketing became popular and then came the television, and now with the bloom of the internet users, we have the digital marketing for the current customers. Originally, digital marketing was known as internet marketing, but then the term evolved.

Why have the companies switched to digital marketing?

In 1995, the total numbers of internet users were less than 1% of the total world population. According to recent statistics, more than 50% of the world population is using the internet. This means the numbers of internet users are more than 3.5 billion. In less than 15 years, the number of internet users has increased tremendously.

The reports have further revealed that there are 4.77 billion mobile phone users. And today most of the people can access the internet through their smartphones. With the increase in mobile phone users globally, the number of internet users will also rise in the future.


The problem with the traditional marketing strategy is that it relies on mass marketing and as a result of that, information pollution occurs. Through digital marketing, you can reach your target audiences. The digital marketing is customized and personalized in the manner that it will straightaway lead to the target audience and hence, this is a better way of converting the non-customers into customers of your business and products.

While doing digital marketing, we take into account the information like:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Education
  • Interests
  • Other personal information

Also, digital marketing consumes less investment and gives high ROI. You now know that the scope of digital marketing is vast.

Specializations in Digital Marketing

There are different specializations in digital marketing. Here is a brief overview of the various roles that you can go for.

  1. Digital marketing strategist

digital marketing strategistThe digital marketing strategist helps the client to figure out how they can use the internet for meeting their business goals and for reaching the target audience. The digital assets are assessed, and on the basis of that, a marketing strategy is planned for marking digital presence.

2. Digital marketing executive

A digital marketing executive is responsible for keeping the customers and the clients engaged with the brand. Their job is to keep up-to-date with the prevalent marketing strategies. They keep tracks of the recent happening in the market and the niche and according to that changes the marketing plans to meet the demands of the customers.

  1. SEO analyst

An SEO analyst ensures that the online content of the brand is available to all the current and the potential customers. They help you in bringing organic traffic to your website. They help in analyzing the user experience with the digital content which is available.

digital marketing

  1. Social media specialist

Many people use the social media platforms for interacting with other people. Social media specialist analyze the social media platform users and on the basis of that implements and monitors marketing strategies for the social media platforms. They study what kind of content goes viral among such users and then devices a marketing strategy to engage the audience of social media platforms.

  1.  5. Google AdWords specialist

Google plays a very important role in marketing strategies. A Google AdWords specialist deals with pay-per-click advertisement. They do keyword research to know what the most searched terms in Google are and then they try to include these keywords in their content. They create AdWords Ads and then try the different kind and format of ads and manage the bids.

  1. Email marketing specialist

The Email marketing specialist deals with the execution of the email marketing programs with the vision of the company and business in mind. They study the triggered email communication and works on it to further enhance it. They run email campaigns and execute marketing strategies to the subscribers. But it should be noted that their task is not limited to email campaigns.

  1. Web analyst

A web analyst works closely with the data and trend reporting. They explore new opportunities and marketing acquisition strategies. They study the behaviour and experience of the website visitors. They interpret web traffic data, data visualisation, website dynamic, web analytics and integrates market research.

digital marketing

  1. Online reputation manager

It is very important for a company to know how will they look when someone search them Google. Are you and your business represented perfectly there? An online reputation manager uses strategies and techniques to ensure that you have the right digital presence and your online reputation is managed perfectly.

  1. Content Marketing Manager

Content Marketing Manager creates content for online that has the potential to go viral and hence reach a large mass of the target audience. The content can be a simple powerful write-up, a video or a social media posts.

digital marketing

  1. Inbound Marketing Manager

The primary step for starting a digital marketing is taken by the inbound marketing managers. These people try to attract the customers without testing their products. They have to create an impression in the minds of the customer in a manner that they can be lured to the product. And on basis of the preliminary test, the rest of the digital marketing plans are built.

Research has shown that the digital economy is growing ten times faster than the traditional economy. With the technology evolving every day, the numbers of internet users are increasing day by day. And in such a situation, the scope of digital marketing is very high because the companies will be trying to lure the internet users. You can always go for a professional digital marketing course or for any online certification to enter this industry.


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