The Beauty Of Existence

Neither beneath anyone nor superior
This well-trodden road whispering,
“Only you are here”.
My breath and my heartbeat,
Such seclusion and me.

It makes me believe in my existence
Being able to feel the universe inside me.

Each step forward,
I seem to learn again and again that life is unpredictable.
Being a guest on this earth,
Whose life is not just a quest, an opportunity,
Or a story to tell or just an experience.

Leaping into the future in little tentative steps,
Never quite knowing what’s to come.
Everything struggling just to exist.
The flow of life so turbulent outside,
But delicate and fleeting inside it seems.

As I walk further,
I come to this realization of being blessed and alive.
To even slightly comprehend this life.
Is it okay to linger?
Closer to what I am looking for.

The best I can hope for is to see,
Where the road takes me.
Let my mind wander and soak at the moment,
Live in the now.

Let me be lost on this road
Lost in the boundless beauty of existence.

*The article was originally published in the second edition (June 2018) of With The Coffee (Click here to download your free copy of the magazine)

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