Ant-Man And The Wasp

Since the events of Infinity war took place, the only question remained was where are Ant-man and Wasp? Well, the answers coming up soon with the release of Ant-man and The Wasp on July 6. There are a lot of interesting theories popping up the internet like, Tony Stark will use Quantum Realm to go to past and change the events of Infinity War. For those of you who don’t know what Quantum Realm is; it is a realm where space and time are irrelevant. It is only accessible through mystic arts (Sling Ring from Doctor Strange) and shrinking to subatomic level using Pym particles. So this movie might be a building block for the upcoming events in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

ant man and the wasp

Name: Dr.Hank Pym
Alter Ego: Ant-Man (First one)
Actor: Michael Douglas

He was a Scientist (Physicist and Entomologist), he was the one who discovered Pym particles and made the first Ant-Man suit. He worked for S.H.I.E.L.D for a short time before he started his own company Pym Technology. He knew the danger possessed by the Pym particles, so he dedicated his life from falling into the wrong hands. What Pym particles do is they shrink the distance between molecules, reducing the size while maintaining the mass. Hence, the one who wears the Ant-Man suit can shrink to the size of an ant while maintaining his strength and resilience.

Name: Janet Van Dyne
Alter Ego: Wasp (First one)
Actor: Michelle Pfeiffer

She was the first wasp, Wife of Hank Pym and Mother of Hope Van Dyne. To intercept Soviet ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) with Ant-Man, she disables her own suit’s safety measures and shrinks into the subatomic size and penetrated the Missile’s shell. She did manage to disable missile, but she was trapped in Quantum Realm.

Name: Scott Lang
Alter Ego: Ant-Man
Actor: Paul Rudd

He is the Ant-Man we know. Former Criminal and Electronics Engineer, and now have the mantle of Ant-Man. He was trained to sync with his suit, to make the best out of it by both Hank Pym and Hope Van Dyne. His suit has an EMP communication device, which allows him to communicate with ants telepathically. He can also grow his size; maximum he went is 65 ft. He loves his daughter Cassie Lang which in comics takes on his mantle and becomes Ant- Girl A.K.A Stature. That will not be coming anytime soon in movies.


Name: Hope Van Dyne
Alter Ego: Wasp
Actor: Evangeline Lilly

She always wanted to walk on the footsteps of his father, but in fear of losing her Dr Hank Pym, never allowed her until the events of Ant-Man took place. That’s when she got to know about her mother’s brave sacrifice, and Hank gave her a new suit, and she became the Wasp. Unlike Ant-Man’s suit, she has blasters and wings on it. Since she had a better experience with the suit and trained in martial arts; she is one kickass Wasp.

Name: Dr.Bill Foster
Alter Ego: Goliath
Actor: Laurence Fishburne

I don’t know if we could see him in action or not, but he was once a superhero who can grow his size. Maximum he went was 21 ft. He was a former assistant to Dr. Hank Pym and a Bio-chemist. He might have his very own suit similar to Ant-Man. But unlike Ant-man he cannot shrink. When it comes to Pym particles, Dr. Hank Pym is very secretive.

Name: Dawn
Alter Ego: Ghost
Actor: Hannah John-Kamen

There are two unusual facts about this specific character. In all the comics it appeared was portrayed as male but the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is portrayed as female. And Ghost is not a villain; she is an Anti-Hero in comics, mostly appeared as a villain to Tony Stark. She got exposed to Quantum Realm and some Pym technology, which gave her powers of intangibility (Phasing through walls and other objects). She also a skilled combatant: as she was able to kick Ant-Man through several layers of walls and a skilled motorcyclist. In comics, Ghost is an enemy to the big corporates which he sees as corrupt.

Name: Sonny Burch
Alter Ego: Nil
Actor: Walton Goggins

In comics, Sonny Burch was a chairman of Cross Technology. The company owned by Darren Cross (Yellow Jacket- Villain in Ant-Man movie). He is known for stealing from others. In comics, he was once associated with Obadiah Stane and also tried to steal designs for Iron-Man armour. I believe the similar storyline will play in Antman and the Wasp. In the trailer, he was seen with miniature Pym technology headquarters. He is a skilled businessman with some under the table contacts.

Name: Jimmy Woo
Alter Ego: Nil
Actor: Randall Park

Jimmy Woo or James woo is a secret agent as per the comics goes. In the movie, he is the cop tailing Scott Lang for his actions in Captain America: Civil War. He will be the cop playing good guys and the bad guys throughout the movie. As an FBI agent, we can definitely expect a lot of action from him. That’s pretty much everything you need to know, before watching Ant-Man and The Wasp.

*The article was originally published in the second edition (June 2018) of With The Coffee (Click here to download your free copy of the magazine)

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