How To Tackle Depression?

According to a survey, more than 60% of people have some mental illness. The most common among them is “Depression.” It is the feeling of complete sadness in life.

Other mental disorders which affect a person are –
1. Anxiety Disorder
2. Bipolar Disorder
3. Eating Disorder

Depression is the most common mental illness among them. We celebrate 7th April as the ‘World Health Day,’ and it is high time that we talk about mental health this year. Several campaigns have been done for raising awareness about this delicate issue. More than 300 million people are living with depression. There has been an increase of more than 18% between 2005 and 2015 of the people suffering from depression. A campaign ‘Let’s Talk’ has been launched to talk about this worldwide phenomenon. The most important thing to tackle this issue is to gain awareness, to let people know that they are suffering from depression and that is not something which can’t be cured. The societal attitude is the prime concern when someone talks about suffering from depression.

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We are running for the materialistic things by confining all our boundaries which make our life suffocating. The harsh reality of the contemporary lifestyle is that we often know that we are broken from inside, and we cannot really share it with anyone. This makes us feel that our life is very miserable and we cannot do much about it. This kind of thought process pushes most of the people into depression.

What are few signs of depression?

Some major signs of depression are –
1. A persistent feeling of sadness
2. Disturbed sleep cycle
3. Loss of interest in activities that you usually enjoyed
4. Inabilities to carry out daily activities
5. Various suicidal thoughts

It is a serious issue if a person is suffering from these symptoms for more than two weeks. Mental illness needs much more than mere medication. Medicines might help, but the biggest cure for depression is love and support. When you find someone with whom you can talk about your depression, the reason behind it, things will automatically improve. If you know a person who is suffering from depression, all you need to do is lend an ear.

How does depression feel like?

A person suffering from depression should not be treated as someone who is untouchable. It might be a taboo topic for many, but in reality, it’s not. One should go for medical help to understand more about their condition. Trust me; it is something that can be easily taken care of with a bit of love and understanding. It is very hard for people to understand about depression if they are not the one who is suffering from it.

Let me make the things easier for you. Depression drains your energy, hope, and drive. You actually start getting numb when you are suffering from it. Can you even imagine a life that is void of emotions? No, right? Think about the life of a person who is suffering from depression then. A depressed person doesn’t even like taking a tiny step towards improvement to lead a normal life. Yes, that’s what depression does to you!


How to deal with depression?

If you are someone who is suffering from depression, let me tell you that you can overcome this dark phase of your life. But for a moment, you have to trust me. Try to do the following things for making an effort to escape it:

1. Connect with your loving ones, family, and friends. Go out and look for support from the people who you think cares about you.
2. Talk about it; pour everything out, whatever you may be feeling in front of a person who is trustworthy.
3. Make some changes in your lifestyle like start your day with some physical activities. You can start with jogging!
4. Try something new, which you feel comfortable with or what makes you happy like dancing and other things which can bring some positivity to your life.
5. Do meditation.
6. Build a positive and optimistic approach toward life. If you are fond of reading, go and read your old favorite book or watch some inspiring movies.
7. If necessary, ask for professional help. Don’t hesitate; there is nothing wrong with going to counseling. It will surely help you in overcoming your fear.

By putting some little efforts, you can pull yourself out of this misery and can make your life healthy. Try to do the things that used to make you happy earlier. You need to try. No one can really help you if you don’t take the first step yourself.
I urge all the people who are reading this article that if you can bring a bit of happiness in someone’s life, do it. Life is tough, and this stands true for everyone. Our perception of someone doesn’t change the reality. So, go out there and make someone smile. Offer a helping hand, say sweet things and yes, please refrain yourself from making harsh comments! Do your bit to spread happiness.

*The article was originally published in the first edition (May 2018) of With The Coffee (Click here to download your free copy of the magazine)

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