Secret Life of Walter Mitty

When I was a kid, I used to get zoned out a lot, in an imaginary world. A world where everything is possible. But those were just an escape to reality. So did Walter Mitty, he escapes into romantic and action-filled adventure until someone pulls him out. This movie is a journey of Walter Mitty, who sets out of a real romantic and action-packed journey to save his job. Directed by Ben Stiller and released in 2013, an action-packed adventure.

Guess the meaning of the bold words. Improve your vocabulary with this movie!

  • Hernando: They won’t be able to. We do intricate details back here. It’s tricky and bewildering.
    • Complex, Confusing
    • Difficult, Mystifying
    • Involved, disconcerting
  • Sean O’ Conell’s letter : … The Quintessence of life, I trust you‘ll get it where it needs to go, you always do.
    • The Perfect example
    • Ideal
    • Epitome
  • Walter Mitty: Hey you want to mount these?
    • Stand
    • Equip
    • Prepare
  • Walter Mitty: Stop fiddling my sweets and little men
    • Petty
    • Toying
    • deception
  • WalterMitty: Kick flip. It’s a good one for Repertoire.
    • Collection
    • Group
    • Series
  • Ted Hendricks: Put that on a Plaque, and hang it at your next job.
    • Memorial tablet
    • Panel
    • Inscription

Check your vocabulary now!


Word Meaning
QuintessenceThe Perfect Example
PlaqueMemorial Tablet

*The article was originally published in the first edition (May 2018) of With The Coffee (Click here to download your free copy of the magazine)

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