Life is Unfair… Will You Start Crying Now?

In a tragic situation, we end up lamenting that ‘Life is unfair’, we end up crying and asking ‘Why me?’. Have you ever done this? I have done it and to be honest, I have even lost the number of counts. Well, the good thing is that now I know what I was doing wrong and let me tell you about my findings.

And The Question Is For …..?

Undoubtedly, when you complain that life is unfair or you question, ‘Why me?’, you are devising a way by which you can indulge in self-pity. I mean seriously, who said that that life would be fair to you? No one, so whom are you complaining about this? Is it even fair to ask why life is unfair?

why me

We All Are Selfish Creatures

The harsh truth is our idea of fairness has always that been of self-interest. If you are winning, life is fair, and if not, you will end up whining that life has been hideously unfair to you. When things work smoothly for us, do we bother to ask anyone what have we done to deserve this? There are children out there who are dying of starvation, and here we are so blessed to have a working internet connection and a device to connect with the world. Have you ever questioned yourself, what did you exactly do to deserve this? Did you ever wonder, “Why me?” in a happy situation?

selfish creature

A bit of turmoil and you will end up judging the entire universe for its inability to do fair things with you. You are kidding, right?

Here Comes The Harsh Truth

Perhaps you are right that life is unfair. Another truth for you my darling is that you can’t do anything about it! Oops, here comes a correction. You won’t be able to do anything about it you don’t want to take the pain to change the situation. The only thing that is stopping you from winning is you. If you indulge in self-pity, trust me, the game is over for you. Creating a victim mentality might make you feel better because you would be justifying your poor condition by stating that you can’t do anything about the situation. In the long run, this mentality will make you nothing but a failure.

life is unfair

Life is created as a result of consequences of your choices. When thrown into a difficult situation, just give your best. Reboot your life if needed. But again giving your best doesn’t mean that you will get the best. But then you have to realise that life doesn’t end there and you have an ample number of ways and opportunities to make things better for you. If you can’t find those ways and opportunities, you need to create them.

What Should You Do?

Remember that, everything happens for a reason. Take every situation and experience to learn new things. Use these opportunities to grow spiritually. When watching a movie, we all know that the hero/heroine is going to suffer the most. You are the hero of your life. It explains your suffering, doesn’t it? Stop crying about life being unfair. Change the situation if you can and if you are unable to do that, stop complaining about it! Life is a reality that you create for yourself.



Keep trying,

Keep growing,

Keep believing

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