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How easy life would have been if pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del keys simultaneously could have rebooted our life instead of the computers! We have already entered 2018, and many of us were agog about giving a fresh start to our life. We make New Year Resolutions; we create plans to quit bad habits and to start the good ones…. We plan so many new things in a new year to make everything perfect. But what is the need of all such things? The answer is simple, we are unsatisfied with our lives and we are trying to make things better for ourselves. We are looking for ways to reboot our life, to move out of our cloister and to own 2018 like a boss.

It is not uncommon to hear “Alright everybody… back to ones” in a film set. Most of the people sigh after hearing this, saddened by the fact that they have to reshoot the entire scene. But they also know the importance of it, they know that they need to reshoot because that will enable them to capture the perfect scene.

How Do You Know The Time For Rebooting Your Life Has Come?

Similarly, there are times in our lives where we feel the need of starting everything afresh… or to reboot our life. When thoughts like:

I am not feeling good….

I don’t like the way I look…

This isn’t working….

I don’t like the things that I am doing/engaged in…

Starts crossing our mind, we somewhere know deep inside that things need to change now. You know that you need to reboot your life but how will you do it? If you ask this question to someone, you will start getting advises like changing your habits, do this and that and what not? Perhaps, you will be motivated for a day or two but is it enough to make things better?

Honestly, even in this post, I would be asking you to do this and that, but the only difference is that I will restrict the list to only three things. You do not need this post to know what you should be doing to change your life. You need to practically use the knowledge that you have theoretically gained to get rid of your onerous life.

Create The Base For Rebooting Your Life

I am not going to list out the stuff that you should be doing to reboot your life. I just want you to prepare the base in which you would be working to reboot your life. You cannot create a structure if your base is not stable. And therefore, let us just concentrate on the most important three factors that will allow you to change things for betterment.

  1. Change your diet

If you have been eating unhealthy foods, then it is the time for you to stop it. Creating a goal is not enough, you will need to have the strength to work towards it. And the type of food that you consume affects both your physical and mental health. The first thing that you need to do for rebooting your life is to prepare yourself by shifting to a healthy diet.

  1. Clean and organize your room

Your immediate environment decides a lot many of things. It determines your mood, your productivity level, and many other things. And this is the reason why you should clean and organize your room. Having a clean, well-lit and a tidy room will uplift your mood and will immediately boost your productivity level. How can you work like a boss or feel like one if you are surrounded by messy stuff? You need to create an environment that gives you a good vibe. De-clutter your room, keep it well-lit and tidy and see the difference when you work in this newly modified environment.

  1. Repair your messed up internal clock

You have to be very stupid if you think that you can have a highly productive day if you go to bed at 3 am. I understand that few people prefer to work during the night time while the others prefer working when the sun is still out there. But I would like to advice here that, if your job does not demand late night hours, go to bed during the early hours. Someone rightly said that “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” Sleep early so that you get enough sleep to gain the energy to join the 5 O’clock club. When you get up early, you get few extra hours that can be used as a head-start.

If you want to start over, I think you strictly need to follow the above three suggestions. And now we come to the next question, what should we now do after preparing the base?

What’s Next?

Well, use your experience, knowledge, past failures and successes to achieve your goals. Wandering around in the journey of life without a goal is nothing but a waste of your precious life! Create goals, make plans to achieve them and then work on those plans. If plan A does not work, go for plan B. Be flexible with your methodology but be rigid about your life goals. Decide what exactly do you want from your life, what can satisfy you? Find answers to these questions and do whatever it takes to get what you want.

Remember that moving through life is like climbing a mountain. You will enjoy climbing and stepping ahead, but then there will come a time where you will feel the need to step back a bit to climb higher. Nothing is ever a straight shot! And who even likes a straight and mundane thing?

It is only after our struggles that we are truly able to enjoy our success. You cannot just take five or ten big steps in a day to magically change things overnight. That is not going to happen…. You need to start small, and then you have to slowly push yourself to work harder to get the life that you want.

“You can create a whole new life if you want it.”


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