Was It Love? Maybe

Their eyes met from across the road. With lowered eyes and fear in her heart, she crossed the street to meet him finally. Their walk towards the India Gate was a silent one. Sitting beside each other, they talked in soft voices about general topics. They didn’t have an eye contact during the entire conversation.

On their way back, she gathered courage and peeked towards his direction. The first thought in her mind was that he was very tall. The setting sun was a reminder that they finally have to part ways. The day which they never wanted to end, has finally ended. He decided to drop her to the metro platform. Without even realizing, amidst the crowd, he held her hand and directed her safely towards the platform. Did she need the protection? Definitely, no but did it feel good? Definitely, yes. Her heart questioned, “Is he the one?” Sounds stupid, doesn’t it? Just a small gesture and such a big question… But yeah, the heart works strangely. She didn’t have an answer to that question, but soon she was about to find it.

Conversations after conversations…

Meetings after meetings…

They started knowing each other. They started understanding each other. Silence didn’t feel awkward.. it was their new language of extreme close connection. But was it enough to fall for someone? The answer can’t be a definite one, the ‘maybe’ word would always be there.

They knew they had a connection. And she knew he was way too shy to propose her. She took the first step. The preparation began days before the most important day of her life. Finally, in a black dress with a bouquet of flowers and cake in the background and candles all around, she knelt down and proposed him. The answer was ‘Yes, of course’.

They were now in a relationship.But was there love? Maybe

Love gave its first glimpse when she committed a blunder and the boy even though was angry and was broken decided to embrace her. A promise that he will melt whenever they hug was kept…

Love gave its second glimpse when having sex was not a priority because the priority was the union of their naked soul..

Love gave its third glimpse when during her sickness, he cared for her as a mother cares for her child. He didn’t even think twice before kissing her on her lips, right after she vomited..

Love gave its fourth glimpse when he introduced her to his family..

Love gave its fifth glimpse when after a fight, the girl angrily said  she wanted a breakup, and with a shaking body and red eyes, he asked, ‘Will you leave me?’ And she said, ‘No, I can never do that. We are meant to be together, forever.”

Along with the passage of time, there came many such glimpses, and gradually they fell in love without even realizing. They fell in love and created a perfect world for themselves even though when things were imperfect. They became the perfect match for that time being.

Why use the word ‘time being’? Because nothing is permanent. It was rightly said change is the only permanent thing in the world. There was no shortage of glimpses of love in their relationship which was filled with love. But who knew that in the midst of that beautiful feeling of love, lurked something dark?

With the need for more dependency, came the cry for freedom.

With the need for talking more, came the cry for silence.

With the need for more love, came the cry for separation.

Separation??? Instead of more love? Was it even possible? Was she missing something? Did she in the greed of getting more fresh air, even without realizing ended up suffocating him? Did the boy love her or was she trying to suck love for herself out of him?


A crack is enough for a dam to crumble down. And here we are talking about a fragile relationship which both of them assumed to be strong. It was so strong that there wasn’t any need of a gale, everyday breeze managed to break the walls of their perfect world, brick by brick.

Do you remember,  how they slowly fell in love without even realizing? In the exact same manner, they fell out of love without even realizing. Oh! The things that we do without realization… But is it possible to fall out of love? Maybe… Were they even in love? Maybe… Is there a sure shot answer to all these questions? Maybe… And yeah, silence spoke yet another language this time. The ironies of life!

“I will be waiting here

For your silence to break,

For your souls to shake, 

For your love to wake!”

– Rumi

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