When He Prepared Food- The Beginning Of A Love Story

‘Should we order food?’ he asked.
‘Hmmm….’ she said.
‘But the internet isn’t working. I don’t have any number.’ He said, in a confused tone.
‘You can cook.’ she suggested. She was unsure about the idea. He had just returned from his office.
‘Hmm… Should I cook?’ He asked. It seemed he was questioning himself.
‘Yes. I think I should cook.’ He continued after a minute.
He went to the kitchen. She followed him. The kitchen wasn’t in that good condition. The sink was filled with unwashed utensils.
‘Room of a bachelor.’ He said as if he had read the thoughts in her mind.
‘You love peanut chocolate?’ She asked when she spotted a bottle of peanut. A few months ago, he also handed her few peanut chocolates.
‘Yeah.’ he said.
‘These are the stuff that I take.’ He said, showing few powdery stuff that gave more energy than glucose powder. Stuff related to the gym. She had little knowledge about it. She didn’t give any opinion. The smell of the powders reminded her of something. But she didn’t know what exactly was the thing.
‘What do I need to cook?’ He said, looking for the utensils.
‘Do you even know how to cook?’ She asked.
‘You will see my cooking skills…. I wasn’t in my room for three days and see the condition of the kitchen now.’ He said. in a complaining tone.
He shared the flat with his friend. She knew he loved perfection, so she was bit surprised when she looked at the kitchen. Everything about him was perfect for her. Even the unwashed utensils were wonderful for her.
He washed the cooker and then he cleaned the slab.
‘Where is the lid of the cooker?’ he asked.
Was she suppose to know the answer? She came in his flat for the first time.
‘It must be in the sink. The cooker was also there.’ she guessed.
He searched the sink and the lid was nowhere to be found. After around two minutes, he finally discovered it.
‘What are you going to cook?’ She asked.
‘Khichdi.’ he said.
‘Are you going to mix the dal and rice together?’ She asked.
‘Sometimes, you talk like a child.’ he said.
Why can’t she be like his baby? She wanted him to pamper her like a baby. Her inner voices were shouting. But with sealed lips, she started looking at him.
‘Polishes are used in the rice. So, to clean it properly, soak them in water for few minutes. In the meanwhile, watch me cut the vegetables.’ he said.
‘This is how onions are cut.’ he continued while cutting the onions. He cuts the onions perfectly, she thought.
And look at those teary eyes….
She must have seen many people cutting onions, but this sight was completely new for her. Everything about him was new for her. Slowly, he started peeling the potatoes. Nothing was romantic about the situation but everything seemed to be romantic for her. She wanted to help him but she also wanted to see him cooking.
‘I prefer green chilies than red.’ He said picking a capsicum and around five chilies.
‘Are you going to use all the onions and chilies in the dish? Do you love them?’ she asked.
‘Yes.’ He said.
Okay…. he liked the stuff with peanuts and she didn’t like the taste of it. He liked chilies, she didn’t like them. Opposite attracts…. Let the sparks of attraction fly, she pleaded silently.
He placed the cooker on the stove. The oil was heated. Onions and chilies were dropped in it. After dropping the stuff, he moved backward to avoid the spills. Standing behind him, she felt like hugging him. Should she hug him from behind? She asked herself. What if he moves forward towards the cooker? It can be dangerous. She kept her hands down and calmed her mind. She wanted to touch his hair badly but still, she kept her hands down. All the safety measures were taken in the kitchen.
‘When the onions become golden, you can drop the other vegetables.’ He said while mixing the ginger garlic paste. He dropped the capsicums, tomatoes, and potatoes.
‘Why don’t you go and change? Wait, I shall give you a t-shirt.’ He said.
He headed towards his room. After a search, he gave her a light blue coloured t-shirt and went away to the kitchen. She was happily holding his t-shirt. Should she ask if he could lend her the t-shirt? The thought of having a thing that was used by him was appealing to her. She questioned herself and she finally decided to keep her mouth shut. After wearing the t-shirt, she looked at the mirror. The t-shirt was long enough to cover her thighs. She was battling with another thought. Should she drop the leggings or not? She decided to keep them on since a cooking session was going on. After combing her hair and admiring his t-shirt, she finally stepped into the kitchen. He was closing the lid of the cooker. She missed the chance of knowing the recipe completely. The recipe will now remain a mystery in her mind forever. In the same manner, the guy will remain like a …….
Like what?
No one knew…

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