Messages From Guys On International Women’s Day

The first thing that I saw when I opened my browser was the Google doodle. The doodle has correctly depicted the many forms of a woman. I was happy to see it and I was wondering the history behind this day which has now become so important. The day has become a catalyst for the gender equality. We celebrate International Women’s Day every year without knowing its history. Today, let us first look at the origin of this day.

How Did International Women’s Day Start?

history of international women's day


This year the theme is #BeBoldForChange. The theme encourages everyone to take a stand for gender equality. If you have never experienced or seen inequality against women, you must be thinking that gender equality exists. But that’s not true. 

According to World Economic Forum, gender gap won’t close entirely until 2186. And that is 169 years. Can we wait for such a long time to attain gender equality? I don’t know the answer but I do know that it’s a very long time. UN has presented us with a view of conditions of women. Have a look. 

And you know what? International Women’s Day gives us a chance to move towards gender parity. 

What Is The Condition Today? 

It would be fallacious to say that there is no improvement in the way the women are treated. But the fact is still a lot is needed to be done to achieve the goal of gender equality. We talk about creating a ‘safe environment for women’, ‘better condition for women’, ‘better treatment for women’ as if these things are the special needs of women. To be honest, the objective of International Women’s Day will be fulfilled in the day when these things which are considered “special needs” of women becomes so regular that we don’t even need to mention about this stuff separately. This is my view, your views can differ and therefore feel free to tell me about your views. 

Messages From The Guys

A woman surely doesn’t need anyone to commend the value that she adds to the family/society/country. But still, I present you the messages from the guys out there on this special occasion. Because it’s not only the job of a woman to fight against inequality, even the man should join the movement. 

international women's day- sumit sehgal

Photo Credit- Nayan Nitesh

international women's day- avikal shukla

international women's day- pratham devang

international women's day- arijeet baruah

international women's day- abhishek tamta

international women's day- kartavya nahar

You don’t need to do anything out of the box to celebrate International Women’s Day. Just take a pledge to treat the women in your life with the respect that they deserve. Treat them in a fair manner. Nothing more is required!

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