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Why Is It Important For You To Go Out Alone?

March 8, 2017
travel alone

Today, I wanted to go for shopping. I was thinking whom should I request for a company. After an hour of thinking, I was still clueless.

You should learn to go out alone.’ Echoed a voice.

After a moment of hesitation, I started getting ready. I decided that I will go out alone. I took all the kinds of stuff that could distract me from the world outside. The stuff included my mobile phone, earphones, a novel and many packets of gems.  After stepping outside of the house, I thought of listening songs to expurgate myself off from the surrounding voices.

I asked myself if I wanted to listen to music. The answer was no. I kept the earphone inside my bag and started moving ahead.

After few steps, I thought of taking a rickshaw, again to avoid the gazes of the people. In a country like India, you will find people staring at you very often. I don’t know about other people but it makes me uncomfortable. But still, I kept on walking. I didn’t take a rickshaw. Why did Ido that?

Because it was important for me to realize that I am no less than any other. People out there can’t judge me. If they want to stare, they can stare. If I want to walk with my head held high, I will keep doing it. And I exactly did that. After reaching the metro station, my heart flew a bit with happiness. I have taken the first baby step in overcoming my fear. After boarding the metro, I started reading my novel. And this time it was not to avoid the world around me. I did that because I wanted to do that.

After reaching the INA station, I needed to take an auto. I started looking for an auto with female passengers. To my dismay, no such auto was available. An auto driver invited me to sit in his auto. I saw a male passenger in the outer seat. I refused the auto driver politely. After waiting for a minute, I boarded the same auto. Was I feeling uncomfortable?

No. I was feeling blissful because it was one braver step that was taken by me again. After reaching the market, I started shopping, without any constraints and views of any third person. I enjoyed going to the numerous small shops of the Sarojni. I saw the clothes, examined them and decided about it. I was taking my own decisions. After a fulfilling shopping, I happily returned to my room safe and sound.

To many of you people, the stuff that I did today may seem insignificant. But I know there are still many people out there, who will get motivated to go out alone by reading this. Now, while writing this article, how am I feeling?

I am feeling free, independent and confident. I have realized today that I need no one to complete myself. I am a complete person. I don’t need anyone to keep myself happy. I am enough to create happiness for myself.

Have you ever travelled alone? How did you feel it? Do, let me know.


-The post was originally written last year when I went for solo shopping.

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  1. Indeed. We think it’s normal to spend time together to get to know eachother, but we don’t usually take time alone to get to know ourselves.

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