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For me, the most exciting thing about New Year is the resolution that I make. I stay so confident when I make these resolutions. Do you know why? Because I always believe that I will be able to keep them. But things never turn the way I want them to. So, few days before 2017, I have surveyed to know the real reason behind such failure and how we can avoid them in future. After seeing the response to the survey, I have noticed that not many people are different than me; I will share the result of the survey with you.

Analysis of Survey Conducted About New Year Resolution

The age group of the participants of the survey lied between 13 to 30 years. 50% of the participants didn’t keep any New Resolution this year (2016).


We will exclude the people who have no resolution because they are engaged with other plans obviously! We will talk about the people who have kept New Year Resolution this year or are planning to keep New Year Resolution in 2017. I want to share an interesting chart with you.

Duration of a new year resolution

More than 50% of the people have admitted that they are not able to keep their New Year Resolution for a month! A shocking 73.1% of the people stopped working on their goals after three months. And I think this is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. Now the question that arises is ‘Why can’t we keep our New Year Resolution?’

Why Do We Fail To Keep Our New Year Resolution?

Before starting the New Year, we must make sure that we don’t make the mistakes that already have been committed by us. To achieve the goals of 2017, we have to look at the reason behind the failures of 2016.  Four main reasons prevent us from keeping New Year Resolution.

1.You have an unrealistic expectation of yourself– Keeping expectation is good because it says that you have a goal in front of you and you will be working to achieve it. You should know that many people keep expectations for themselves, but that is not the problem. The problem is keeping unrealistic expectations. Let me explain you with an example. I am a junk food lover, and I eat it every day. The unrealistic expectation in this case for me is to avoid junk food for 365 days while a realistic expectation would have junk food once a week. I hope now you get my point.


2.You didn’t define your New Year Resolution– If you are a student, one of your many New Year Resolutions will be to study more. How will you write this resolution? Well, you will straight away right, “I will study more in 2017”. Ask yourself; is this a properly defined resolution? No, it is not because you have not set any parameter to measure it. How much of study will indicate that you have studied more than the last year? Make sure that you have laid down parameters to measure your goal and then define it.


3.You are not mentally prepared to keep your New Year Resolution– You will face many obstacles in the path of following your resolution. Let’s be clear about a fact, if you don’t have the right mindset to achieve your resolution, you will not reach it. You will have to mentally prepare yourself to tackle all the hindrance that comes in your way. Let’s forget about the obstacle; you will need a strong mindset even to keep yourself away from the distracting elements.


4.Your time management skill sucks– Managing time efficiently is a skill, and like all other skill, it has to be nurtured. If you pack your day with too many tasks, then, of course, you will have a hectic schedule, but you won’t have a productive schedule. At the end of the day, you will not be only tired but will also notice that most of the tasks were not completed because you didn’t have the time or the tasks which have been completed are not completed properly. You can prevent this situation, by making a ‘Priority List’ instead of a ‘To-Do List.’ On the basis of your priority, you can assign a fixed number of hours to a particular task. You will be then able to distribute your time properly, and also, the flexibility of your timetable will increase.


There can be other factors that might prevent you from keeping your resolution, but these are the primary reasons. Now, let’s see how we can make sure that we can keep our New Year Resolution.


How Can We Keep Our New Year Resolution?

I along with you will try to stick with the plan that I will discuss now. It would be fun to see whether we succeed or not. We often make New Year Resolution but we forget to create a plan to achieve it.

If you want to score 95% in your annual exam, your resolution would be “I want to score 95% in my annual exam this year.” After the results are declared, you will check whether you have scored 95% or not. But is the right way to deal with a resolution? The answer is no. What is the right way of dealing with it? You should have created a plan to achieve your final goal.


If your New Resolution is to improve your relation with friends/family, then you should follow the action plan given below.


You have to break your big goal into smaller goals. Each smaller goal will act as a stepping stone towards your big goal. And don’t forget to stay determined no matter what.

It’s time for you to now make a New Year Resolution along with a proper plan. I have already prepared my plans, what about you?


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