An Interview With Ketan Bhagat

Indian A: He is an NRI

Indian B: Wow! He must be having a glamorous life then.

Indian A: I agree.I envy him. He is simply a lucky guy.

Indian B: His life is nothing but a cake walk.

Do you also react in the same manner when you meet or see an NRI? If yes, let me remind you that the grass is greener on the other side of the hill. Go and read the book

Complete/Convenient: There Is More To Men And Bromance” to have a closer look in the life of an NRI.


It’s time to meet another debut author and learn from his successful journey in the world of writing. Today we meet Ketan Bhagat, author of Complete/Convenient- There Is More To Men And Bromance.

Ketan Bhagat

An Interview Of Ketan Bhagat

Q- Do you enjoy giving interviews?

A- Yes when there is something special about the interview. Say, the questions are different, platform is wide, or interviewer is intelligent… anything different and my juices start flowing.

Q- Why do you write?

A- To find a release. The expression liberates me. 

Q- Where do your ideas come from?

A- Real life. There is so much happening with us and around us; one doesn’t have to think of ideas. They keep coming to you. 

Q-What is the hardest thing about writing?

A- To be honest, I am yet to find any part of writing that is easy. Writing is a lonely arduous task that requires immense discipline. Then the struggle to get it published. Then the sales & marketing that is a vital ingredient these days. Every phase has its own share of challenges and rewards.  

Q-   How much research do you do for your novel?

A- I am a lazy writer. I deliberately pick up real life incidents and characters so I can just copy and paste with some exaggeration. Saves me the effort of research. 

Q- Which writers inspire you?

A- While I am not an avid reader and seldom bother about what other writers are up to, good pieces of work inspire me. Salman Rushdie’s Midnight children, Chetan Bhagat’s two states, Arundhati Roy’s The God of small things… every writer has that one masterpiece that you can learn a lot from.

Q-  What is your favourite quote?

A-My father used to often say, ‘When circumstances favor your desire, you become greedy.’ The more I live life, the more I realize this one line summarizing the entire world’s behavior.

Q-What is the most demeaning thing said about you as a writer?

A-The list is really long and barbs usually don’t affect me as I am by nature a thick skinned person. But recently a very close person within family accused me of being a jealous and frustrated person as my brother is more successful. Something about this allegation nipped my soul. It’s amazing how much we can be misunderstood by the very people you think you are most understood by.

Q- What do you consider as your biggest failure?

A- My inability to convince people that I write because I think I have the talent to write. Like I mentioned, even within the family, some people think that the sole reason for my becoming a writer was to copy my brother.

Q- What were you like at the school?

A- Naughty backbencher who was only interested in enjoying life.

Q-   What’s the most blatant lie you have ever told?

A- Can’t confess to that in a public forum.

Q-   Do you have anything specific that you want to say to our readers?

A-  No. I think we writers tell more than we hear. So the only request I have for readers is to tell us what they honestly feel about our work. That is the only truth. Rest all is gas.


I hope that you have enjoyed the interview of Ketan Bhagat. Do read the book ‘Complete/Convenient: There Is More To Men And Bromance’. His new book with the title ‘About Child/God’ is also available in all the leading book stores. You can know more about him from his official website.


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