Know How To Provide Emotional Support

Many a time, we encounter such circumstances where we need to be strong in order to provide emotional support to our dear ones. I have noticed most of us go blank when we are in such a situation. We want to provide emotional support but we don’t know how to actually provide that. So, today I will be telling you how you can attain this mojo. First of all, you should know that every person is different, and therefore the kind of emotional support that you should be providing will differ from person to person. You can decide that, can’t you? It’s your call how you deal with the person who needs the emotional support. Fortuitously, there are few basic ways by which you can prove yourself to be helpful.

Ways Of Providing Emotional Support

1. No Judgement

A person reveals his true side to another person with whom he/she is emotionally connected. Everyone wears a mask and showing someone the true side is basically dropping the mask. Make sure that you don’t judge the person behind the mask. No one is perfect, remember?



2. Lend A Supporting Hand

After knowing the real person, you will have a fair idea about the amount of good and bad qualities he/she has. Support the good qualities. And again I am telling you don’t label anyone randomly because of their bad qualities. You will tell them what is wrong. But is it enough? It’s never enough, you should have a valid explanation for your statement. You should be able to explain to them why that is wrong. But again is it enough? No, you shouldn’t stop here. Give a solution or a method by which they can improve and assure them that you will be there with them when they are walking in the path of improvement.


3. Listen

People like talking about themselves. Only a few has mastered the skill of good listening. Be one of those few people. Be the person who listens. The more you will listen, the more you will be able to understand them and understanding a person is very important to provide emotional support.


4. Speak Softly

Your tone should be soft when you are in the process of providing someone with emotional support. Your soft tone will indicate that you love them. Apart from the tone that you are using, be very careful about the words that you choose in order to support them.


5. Don’t Ignore Their Presence

Acknowledge their presence. One should not feel that they are being ignored. Talk and smile often and make sure that you never sound irritated or behave blandly. don’t forget to mark your presence in their life. You should tell them that you are always there when they need you.


These were the five basic elements to emotionally support someone. Helping someone opens the door of an enthralling journey. And therefore, whenever you get a chance to help someone, make sure that you never miss it!

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