J.K.Rowling Releases Early Harry Potter Sketches

So, you thought J.K.Rowling can only write well? Wait till you check the Harry Potter sketches made by her. When a writer writes a story, it is quite obvious that they also create a mental picture of the characters, like the readers do. J.K. Rowling wasn’t different but the irony is, she has still managed to be different. This is because she decided to sketch those characters.

Harry Potter Sketches by J.K.Rowling

Recently, J.K.Rowling decided to release the early Harry Potter sketches made by her in Pottermore. Give your eyes a treat with these wonderful sketches!


The Quidditch sketch is an interesting one! Many events of the game are shown in a single sketch, this is surely a masterpiece of J.K.Rowling.  


Professor Snape is teaching about Potions. Did you notice the fancy hats of the little magicians?


The angry look of McGonnagall clearly shows how Peeves has managed to torment her. If you haven’t read the Harry Potter book, you won’t recognise Peeves because he was never featured in the movie!


The title of the sketch is ‘The Weasleys‘. Now you know how Percy, Fred, George and Ron looked in the mind of J.K. Rowling. Don’t miss the hidden cat in the sketch. 


This Harry Potter sketch shows Harry in Dursley’s living room. doesn’t the description in the book totally matches the sketch?


Remember the Mirror of Erised


This is the most beautiful sketch that shows the beginning of a beautiful journey. Baby Harry Potter is surely getting the attention of Hagrid, Dumbledore and McGonagall

What do you think about all the wonderful sketches? J.K. Rowling surely possessed a hidden talent which is now exposed. If you want to keep yourself updated about all the Harry Potter stuff, do follow the Pottermore website. J.K. Rowling has always given wings to her imagination and we ought to thank her for that!

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