A Relationship With No Name

‘Don’t you think we should take our relationship a step forward?’ Ishiqa asked while adjusting her dress.
‘Which relationship?’ Vivaan retorted.
Ishiqa looked at Vivaan and moved out of the room. She poured chilled water into the glass and stood blankly. After a moment or two, she returned and handed him the glass.
‘Have it.’ she said and sat beside him.
She observed him quietly, while he gulped the whole water. She handed him his shirt.
‘Is there a future of the things that are going between us?’ she asked.
‘Don’t start that topic again. I gave you the explanation again and again. But still, you are not willing to understand anything. Are you hungry?’ he said, in an irritated tone.
‘Are you going to cook something for me?’ she asked with a smile.
‘You really think so?’ he asked, with one eyebrow raised sceptically.
Admiring his handsome features, she nodded her head. Vivaan threw a pillow in her direction. It hit her softly on her head. Vivaan walked towards the kitchen and Ishiqa followed him.
‘You didn’t answer.’ She said.
‘What answer?’ he asked while cutting the onions.
‘Come in a relationship with me. You know that I love you, right?’ she said.
Vivaan ignored her. Ishiqa moved closer to him. After waiting for a while, she understood that Vivaan won’t say anything about it. Therefore, she thought of giving another shot.
‘I am asking you something.’ she said.
‘You want to hear a no?’ he asked.
He turned towards Ishiqa. She tried to match his stare, but was it really possible to defeat Vivaan? So, she simply ignored him and took the knife from his hand. She started cutting the onions.
‘Listen, Ishiqa.’ he said.
No reply. It was now his turn to face the ignorance. He slowly slipped his hand around her waist, holding her firmly. His hot breath was creating a tickling sensation on her neck. Though, it was hard but still she tried to ignore him.
‘It’s not only about you. I will say no to every girl at this point of time. I am fed up of relationships. Most of the time, it leaves you heartbroken. Look at us, both of us are independent. Both of us like each other and the most important thing, we are there for each other. If we try to name this relationship, things will get over. Initially, it might look like a fairytale to you but gradually it will fade away. Most of the people remain friends for a long time but most of the relationships…hmm..actually the relationships that you are talking about lasts only for few years.’ he whispered in her ears.
Whatever, he said was true. They did everything that two people in a relationship do. The only difference was that they were not in a relationship. Talk, chats, support, criticism, understanding, care, hugs, kisses and all other things survived in their unnamed relationship. Isn’t love a mixture of these things?
‘I have cut the onions. What’s next?’ She tried to ask in a cheerful voice.
‘What’s next? Perhaps, a kiss..’ He said and planted a sweet, small kiss on her lips.
‘This… ‘ Ishiqa said pointing a finger towards him.
‘Yeah, Ishiqa. What?’ Vivaan asked.
‘This thing that you did right now…’ Ishiqa tried to say, but her sentence was once again cut by Vivaan.
‘Yeah, that is called a kiss. You don’t know that baby?’ he said with a smirk.
‘I hate you.’ Ishiqa said with a smile.
‘Better for you, sweetheart.’ Vivaan said while giving a final touch to the pasta.
‘Make it quick, I am hungry.’ Ishiqa said.
She sat down on the sofa and started clearing the table.
‘What a shameless girl you are! Ordering food like this… Why don’t you learn to cook?’ he said.
‘Aren’t you there to cook for me every day?’ she asked.
‘Don’t even think about it in your dreams.’ he warned.
‘Whatever….’ she said.
Both of them ate pasta while watching television. Vivaan had this habit of watching television while eating his food. Ishiqa finished her share way too fast. She placed her head on his shoulder. In return, he gave her a jerk to remove her head. She placed her head on his shoulder again.
‘Don’t behave like a kid. I am not going to pamper you.’ Vivaan said while giving another jerk.
‘Idiot.’ she shouted.
‘Shh… let me watch. Don’t shout.’ he said, without giving much attention to her.
But still, she smiled. For Ishiqa, there was something adorable about this guy.
‘ I need to go now. It’s getting late.’ Ishiqa said.
‘Yeah, you should go now. Do you want a hug?’ he asked.
‘Can I ever refuse?’ she asked.
Both of them hugged each other for a long time.
‘Please, become my teddy bear.’ she begged.
‘Go, now. Idiot.’ he said.

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