What About The Syrian Version Of Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go has managed to attract the attention of the world while Syria has failed in it. Perhaps, this is the reason why Syria has taken the help of the popularity of Pokemon Go game to show the pain that they are going through.

How Pokemon Go Is Helping Syria?

Pokemon Go is a game that has become immensely popular because of its ability to connect the virtual world with the real world. Like a breath of fresh air, it has managed to please everyone and as a result, it has become popular. Syria has been a war zone since 2011 but still it has failed to gain the attention that it deserves. What’s the result of it? The pictures will speak the answer.

Smart people are moving here and there in search of Pokemon and this is the reason why most of the messages in the pictures read “Save me!! I am in Syria.”

Who Has Posted These Photos?

You must have noticed the word ‘RFS’ in the photographs. RFS stands for Revolutionary Forces of Syria Media Office which is a media outlet that has been working hard to show the scale of devastation in Syria because of the war. As per the reports, RFS has decided to publish the photos for throwing light on the pain that the Syrian people are going through because of the killings by the Assad regime. Won’t it be more satisfying if we save real human instead of virtual Pokemon?

Look at The Syrian Version of Pokemon Go

Graphic designer, Saif Tahhan has created the Syrian version of Pokemon Go. Here are the heart touching pictures that shows the terrible condition of Syria.







Isn’t it strange that many of us are search for things that don’t even exists while Syrians are searching for a way only to survive? Since last five years, millions of children are living under the shadow of fear. A fear which is justified by the killing of 12,000 children in the region. Let us give Syria the attention that it deserves. The Syrian Pokemon Go photos have been circulated and the #Syria is trending in Twitter. We might be late but still it’s good that now at least we know the real situtation that the Syrians are going through. Showering sympathies on them is fine but real action is the need of the hour!

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