How to Simplify Your Life

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.

  • Hans Hoffman

One side of the story is:

X: How are you?

Y: I am fine and what about you?

X: I am fine too.

Another side of the story is:

X: To be honest, I am not fine. Many things are going now. I can’t even start speaking about it.

Y: Yes, I can understand. Life is very complicated.

We don’t open our heart in front of everyone. We hide few of the complicated strands of our life even from the closest person. Let’s not talk about others, let us talk about you. Do you think you have a complicated life? A bit of complication is necessary but that doesn’t mean that you will keep on complicating everything. Too much of everything is bad, right? This is the reason why you need to simplify your life.  I will give you few effective tips to simplify your life so that you can always have a smile on that beautiful face of yours!

Things You Can DO to Simplify Your Life

  1. Analyse Your Life

Today in a book, I read, “Stop analysing life. Just live it. The analysis is what makes it complicated.” To be honest, I don’t agree to this. It seems like someone is suggesting us to run away from the problem and this is wrong. How can we simplify our life without analysing it? Analyse your life, see what are the changes that you should make in your life in order to improve its quality. Once you do it, you will simplify everything by getting rid of the unproductive things. Learn to declutter because less is more.

  1. Don’t Worry About Anything

A few days ago, I stumbled across an Instagram post where a picture explained why we shouldn’t worry. I will share the message that the picture conveyed. If you are worried about a particular situation/thing, then you should take a break and ask yourself simply one question, “Can I do anything about it?”

If the answer is yes, the problem is half solved because you now have the solution.

If the answer is no, then why are worrying about something that you can’t control? Your suffering won’t make things any better. So, no matter what, don’t worry about anything. And we all know deep inside that half of the time we are worried about the situation that we are never going to face. Shakespeare has truly said, “Every cloud engenders not a storm.

  1. Be Happy About Your Experiences

Don’t you think life will be monotonous if the line in the graph always travel in a straight line? Both good and bad experiences are necessary to give a true meaning to life. Good experiences will give you a reason to be happy and bad experiences will give you a chance to grow and build your inner strength. Whenever you are going through a painful phase, treat it as a bad experience, learn your lessons from it and then move on.

  1. Don’t Run After Success

Do an experiment. Pick any five people from your friend list and ask them the meaning of success. After hearing the answers, you will realise that success is a relative term that is quantified by others. You must have heard myriad people saying sentences like:

“He has so much of many. He is very successful.”

“The couple looks so happy together. What a successful relationship!”

“She has managed to score 99% in the board exam. Why don’t you ask for few success tips from her?”

It is rightly said, you don’t own success, you rent it. And even after knowing this, is it wise to run behind success? Even the true meaning of success is hard to define! Therefore, don’t work for success, work to gain satisfaction. Steve Jobs has said, “Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful, that’s what matters to me.”

Gaining satisfaction is more important than gaining success.

  1. Don’t Keep Any Regret

Live your life in such a manner that you don’t have to regret about anything. Most of the time we are aware of the consequences of our action. Never take a step intentionally that you know, you will have to regret later. You can’t avoid committing mistakes but make sure that you correct your egregious mistake. Regrets can kill your soul and therefore stay away from it.

You only need to follow these five simple tips to simplify your life. Simplifying life means cutting down stress. Say goodbye to complication and welcome a simple life that will provide you all the true luxury. It’s time for you to galvanise your life!

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