Places You Must Visit In Los Angeles

Los Angeles 

Filled with glittering neon signs that lure famous film stars are the city of Los Angeles in California. Popular known by the initial L.A, it provides such a range of activities that it will take a lifetime to experience it. The city inhabitants are known as Angelenos. It is most famous for the district of Hollywood, which is film capital of the world. The allure of Los Angeles is undeniable as it is the city where the magic happens. The city is the embodiment of glamour, success and money.

Best Places of Los Angeles:-

1. Transformers: The Ride 3D

Fusing HD 3D media and flight simulation technology, this ride will give you an experience of a lifetime. It will put you in the middle of the ultimate war zone. This ride blurs the line between fiction and reality. The screen of the ride is about 60 feet and the track is 2000 feet long. The ride is an amazing combination of movement and special effects. The graphics of the ride is awesome. The ride will make you feel like you are on the screen. It is one of the best rides available in Universal. Buy an annual pass, you never know how many time you will want to visit this again!

2. Walt Disney Concert Hall

It is the permanent home of Los Angeles Philharmonic. A serene, ennobling building gives people a new sense of pleasure of public place. 2,265 audiences can be seated in the hall without creating any visual obstruction. The reflective, stainless steel surface of the construction engages light as an architectural medium. It presents the best in classical music, contemporary music, world music and jazz. The sound seems to bounce off the wall. The styling inside the hall is unusual. The entire building doesn’t even have one single straight line. There is a park behind the hall with a beautiful mountain. The set up of the hall is beautiful. The seat wraps 360° around the city.
3. Dolby Theatre

It was previously known as Kodak Theatre. From the moment you will place your first step, you will realise what a posh space it is. There are pillars with best picture winners and their years etched into them. The place is so enormous and stately with a glorious grace that it will astound you. It’s hard to compete with the elegance of the enormous hall. Each floor is equipped with a concession and with mini kiosks to buy merchandise. With 3,332 seats, it serves as a hub of the retail, dining and entertainment. 
4. Korean Friendship Bell

Sometimes you just have to get away from everything and go somewhere to clear your mind. This is the best place to visit on such an occasion. It is a good place to soak up some sun, spend some time with that special one or just meditate on the hill next to the ocean. You have to go there to realise how much of treasure it is. In the middle of the park is a massive bronze bell housed in a stone pavilion. The place is situated in Angel’s Gate Park. It symbolises the friendship between Republic of Korea and United States.
5. Venice Canal

This area is beautiful with small wooden bridges, gorgeous houses along the banks and a lot of vegetation. The canals feature arched bridges and beautiful landscaping. It is like a hidden oasis in Los Angeles. At one end of the canals, sits Linnie Canal Park, which is fenced with a divider, one for children and one for ducks and birds. It is a great location to go during the Christmas season because the citizen of Venice Canals loves to decorate their homes for the holidays. There aren’t many places this unique. It is one of the most distinct places in L.A. Be sure to bring some bread for the ducks.
6. The Getty Center

The place is well known for its architecture and gardens. It is an art museum. Richard Meier designed it, It has around 1.3 million annual visitors. The display of the museum is diverse and interesting. Out of many collections, few are ‘Drawing in the age of Rubens’ and ‘Spectacular Rubens’. This museum is unique. The art speaks for itself in the place. The campus is extraordinary. There is also underground parking at the museum. The facilities provided by the museum are also good. Pay a visit here to watch all the beautiful paintings. The architecture of the place is innovative. A train shuttle takes you to the entrance of the museum.
7. Griffith Observatory

It lies on Mount Hollywood. It gives you a view of Los Angeles Basin, Hollywood and Pacific Ocean. The place has an elevation of 346 metres. You can also hike in the area. It has a great infrastructure. The place is very serene. You can learn much about solar system from this place. The space museum present in the place is aimed for the kids. From time to time, you can have a free glaze from the telescope. This is little gem present in L.A. Enjoy the planetarium show.

8. Universal Studios Hollywood

It is a theme park and a film studio. It is one of the oldest studios of Hollywood. It was opened in the year of 1915. There are total seven rides in the place. You can visit the place by Metro Red line subway. It was opened as a theme park in the year 1964. The place is split into Upper Lot and Lower Lot. You can have both 3D and 4D rides in the place. The Transformers and Despicable Me 3D rides are very good, as is the Simpsons. Go for the VIP to experience the best.

8. Six Flags Magic Mountain

A theme park covers an area of 262 acres. It has 19 roller coasters, which has helped it to hold the record of most roller coasters present in the amusement park. There are total forty rides in the place. It was opened in the year 1971. The staffs are helpful and nice. Good foods are available around the park. Get a Flash pass to enjoy the place. The place is a balance for the kids and families. The best time to visit the place is during the winter. This is a fun park for the adventurer. Both smooth and rough rides are available in the park.
9. Madame Tussauds Hollywood

The wax statues present in this place is so lifelike. It has three stories. It has around 115 wax figures of famous celebrities. You can also put your arm around the wax statues. You can click your pictures along with the stars. The staffs of the place are nice. If you are taking a car, park it in Hollywood & Highland. There are sections in the museum where more interactive things are found. The imagery of various movies is also used. You can use various props also to enhance your photograph. You can also watch a 3D movie at the end of the museum.
10. Museum of Death

It was built in June 1995. The museum focuses on death and topics related to it. There is a large room present in the place that has an autopsy. You can read about famous Hollywood crimes in the place. The staffs are friendly. A room full of mortuary items is also available. There are pictures of random murder victims. You can also find photographs of executions from other countries. The last room of the museum is a self-guided tour where every kind of death that can be faced has been captured in a video.

This was all about the places that you must visit when you are in Los Angeles. Do you want to know where you should go when you are in San Francisco?

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