When a person with whom you share a beautiful relationship leaves you, does your heart break a little? Perhaps, a small heartbreak is an understatement, you must have felt like dying. You become a living human body with a dead soul. You curse the God and ask ‘Why Me?’ Well, I think that we ask this question ‘Why Me’, whenever we face an adverse condition. Your friend stood first but you didn’t, everyone is in a relationship except you, everyone is leading a happy life and you are suffering from unhappiness and the list can go on and on but it will end in the only one question and that is ‘Why me? What did I do to deserve this?’

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst..

I can relate to this because I have gone through this situation. Many of my friends have also gone through it. This is quite a normal human behaviour. Don’t we expect extraordinary things in our life? Who likes to watch a movie that has no spice in it? Who likes to read a novel that has a monotonous, happy tone? It is a fact that we don’t want our pain, sadness to last forever but when the matter comes to happiness, love, and all the positive things, we want that to be everlasting. Aren’t we being selfish here? Happiness and sadness follow a certain cycle because too much of everything is bad. Then why do we pray for happiness to become a constant phase of our life when we know that nothing is constant. Shouldn’t we embrace the fact that the happiness that exists today will go tomorrow? You can say that I am asking you to become a pessimist. But that is not the case, I am asking you to prepare for the worst. When you are prepared for the worst, then you will be able to enjoy and realize the importance of beautiful moments (that are far better than the worst situation that you have imagined). You then won’t allow those little beautiful things to slip because these moments can be preserved forever, even when the bond, the attachment gets broken. When you are in a mid-life crisis never ask yourself why did it happen to you, instead rejoice the moments that you are experiencing.

Nothing last forever, not even life. So, the next time when you sit in the dark room weeping put a happy face by thinking all the beautiful moments that you have experienced. We get the chance to live once, we are responsible for our conditions. So stand up and say that you don’t want a happiness that lasts forever, you just want to live a life that has many ups and downs. The world might crave for stability, but you my friend is a hero who doesn’t deserve a monotonous life!

Cheer up even when the sun is going down because you have the stars, cheer up when you have no stars because the sun can rise at any moment now.


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