Are You Forcing Someone To Commit Suicide?

He came home with a bit of fear in his heart. His class test result was out and he didn’t score well. Keeping his pair of shoe aside, he went to wash his face.

‘Did you get your result?’ asked his mom.

‘No’ he said and went for a bath.

When he returned, his mom was standing in front of him with his result in one hand and a five hundred rupees in other. He stole the money from his dad wallet. The seventh standard kid was slapped twice.

‘You will get the beating of your life. Wait for your dad to arrive.’ Said his mother.

She continued doing her daily chores and ignored him. But was the boy fine? He was sitting alone on the staircase of the government hospital. His elder brother tried to bring him back, but he didn’t return. In the late evening, he saw his dad returning. His father didn’t pass any comment and went inside the house. At around seven, his mother remembered that she scolded him. His parents went to bring him back. What did they see? They saw that their little son was dead. He committed suicide by hanging himself, that too in an odd manner. His little hand didn’t even know how to tie the knot properly.

More than 8 lakh people, commit suicide across the globe every year. I don’t want to divide this serious issue by country boundaries because suicide is suicide, it doesn’t matter in which region of the world it has taken place. People say that cowards commit suicide. But is it really the truth? Don’t you think one needs a lot of courage to die and perhaps that’s why we do our best to survive. People assume that a rope and a poison is enough to commit suicide. Just a bit of pain and boom, you are no longer a living person. But is it really that easy? The final step, perhaps is easy but what about the situation that precedes it? What about the depression that the people faces before committing a suicide?

What Forces Someone To Commit Suicide?

Feelings are responsible. It pushes people to take this drastic step. Few rough words are enough to build a suicidal tendency in a person. He/she starts raising a question upon their existence. Everything is the magic of human actions and words.

stop suicidal feelings

Are your words and actions affecting someone? Give it a thought. Did you bully someone today or ignored a person who was trying to gain your attention? Did you say something rude to someone? Perhaps, you did that and you never realized it. So, be careful. You might be the reason for prompting suicidal feeling in a person. Try to understand human feelings because you are a human. It doesn’t take much time and thinking to do something wrong. But you never know what it will lead to. Let your actions and words speak the language of love.

unhappiness leads to death

Pratyusha Banerjee Commits Suicide 

Everyone is talking about the reasons behind the suicide of Pratyusha Banerjee. Few days will pass and the incident will be forgotten. What do we learn from such kind of news? That someone named XYZ was responsible for it. How did you react to the situation? Maybe you ended up criticizing that XYZ. Don’t we should learn more from such incidents?

Just remember one thing don’t let anyone feel that the suicide is the answer.


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