All You Need Is Love And A Bottle Of Wine

She lifted the glass with long stem and curves and let the clear liquid swirl for a moment. She inhaled the aroma deeply. She watched as candlelight played over his skin, casting his features into mysterious shadows. She took a deep sip, watching his mesmerized expression. And soon there was romance in the air.

“Wine makes you ten degrees cooler and the other people appear ten percent hotter.”  

Remember these lines? 

“Sharaab peene la ye faayda niraala hain,

Aam saa chehra bhi jannat ki hoor hota hain.”

Drinking wine is an art. It should be done in a sophisticated manner and this article will guide you through this art. 

How to drink wine?

1. Choose the precise glass. The glass should have mildly curved rim at the top to enclose the aromas in the glass. The thinner the glass and the finer the rim, the better is the experience.

2. Hold the glass by the stem, so that you do not warm the wine with your temperature. Holding the body of the glass is a big no.

3. Whirl the glass to boost the wine to release all of its prevailing scents. Make sure that the glass isn’t filled more than a third full in order to allow aromas to pull together and to not tumble it during the swirl.  

4. Smell the wine. Smelling it is very important as you will miss much of the experience without it. Take your time to enjoy the aroma.

5. Sip it and don’t treat it like water. Take time to swirl it inside your tongue. Hold it in your mouth for a moment or two and then swallow. This experience will turn out to be a pure bliss. A really good drink will have a long aftertaste while an inferior one will have a short aftertaste.         

6. If there is more than one wine, first serve the lighter one and then move to heavier ones. White wine should be served before the red wine, younger one before the older and dry wine before sweet one. Create a good combination to enjoy your drink properly.


Note: – Stick to only one glass of wine, any more can extinguish your libido. It will provoke your desire but it take away the performance. A balance should be maintained. A dead drunk person can’t enjoy anything and apart from this, health complications might also occur. Once in a while, go out for a drink with your loved ones but don’t make it a habit. Let the spark of romance and health remain alive together!




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