Lose Weight Without Exercising!

Why Should We Lose Weight?

Trying too hard to be slim in a healthy manner can be very frustrating. People give up easily as they even dread to imagine loads of exercise they have to do to get the dream figure. Therefore, they end up counselling themselves by saying that “What’s in the body? Inner beauty is more important.” So, today we will talk about how to lose weight without exercising. 

Correct statement but not perfectly correct. ‘You should not judge a book by its cover.’ Let’s not fake it, we end up selecting a book with a good title and a good cover. Who knows what’s inside?

Inner beauty is more important. – True

What’s in the body? – A Question Mark 

Let me tell you what’s in the body. Your body gives the vital information about your health status.

When six persons sit inside a car, the journey becomes uncomfortable. In the same manner, extra weight affects your quality of life in an adverse manner.  This statement is justified by weight expert management, Dr. Amrapali Patil, who says “There is no way you can be heavy and healthy at the same time.

I think, now you know why you should take the basic steps for reducing your weight. Listed below are the few tips, which will help you in the process.

1. Go out and play

 Stop switching the channels of your television by lying on your sofa. Stand up, go out, and play with your friends and siblings. I am not asking you to exercise, simply go out and have fun. Losing weight was never so fun! One…Two…Three… and let the race begin.

2. Eat food more often

Instead of having two heavy meals in a day, eat food in less quantity but more often. Take a heavy breakfast but make sure the rest of the meals are balanced. Take a light dinner, as you don’t have to work during the night.

3. Hunger or Thirst?

Many times our brain takes the stimulation in a wrong way. You might be thirsty but end up thinking that you are hungry. So, before picking up the food, make sure that you have drunk enough water. Even after drinking water, if you feel that you need to fill your stomach a bit more, you can grab a fruit.

4. Don’t Starve

Don’t think that you have an extreme level of self-control. Don’t stop eating altogether. Because, in the end, of the day you will end up eating a lot more than you have planned. So, eat less but more often. Don’t eat too much and don’t eat too little.

5. Walk while you Talk

Try it. Trust me, you won’t even realize and you will lose a lot of your fat. After all, walking is the best exercise without being an actual exercise. Also, when you are travelling, make it a point to walk. Don’t get into a car too easily. It’s a smart way to stay fit.

6. Pick Brown Rice instead of White Rice.

Rice is the staple food. But which color should we choose? The answer is brown rice. It has naturally occurring mineral oils and minerals like selenium and manganese. It’s healthy. Only a small quantity of brown rice makes your tummy feel full.

7. What should you Drink?

In the morning, drink warm water with lemon. It helps to burn the calorie. Be careful about the temperature. Don’t go for the cold water as it will add calories. Instead of drinking normal tea, go and drink green tea. Drink toned milk instead of full cream milk.

These points should be your mantra to lose weight without bothering to exercise. You have the power to control your body and your health. Go and utilize your power. Stay healthy and stay happy!

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